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Hi! Friends, In Computer Tips & Tricks section, Today we are going to discuss about How to remove formatting like font style, font color, font size etc in word from any pasted text.

Sometimes, it happens when you copy texts from any website or any files just example when you have to make presentation or documentation at that time you do this types of things, at that time when you copy text from any file or web page and paste in word then that copied text come with its formation and if you don’t know this tricks than you have to manually remove it, this is time consuming process.

Here , we are going to explain trick for How to remove formatting in word from any pasted text ?

So, let’s start now……

1st Method

To remove the formatting like font color , font size, font style etc in Microsoft Word from any text. first of all highlight the text and press the shortcut key Ctrl+Spacebar. The shortcut sets the text to the default font, removes the formatting, and even removes links.

2nd Method

In second way, you can also do this by using the Paste Special option or Keep Text Only option in Microsoft Word to paste the text with no formatting.

3rd Method

This method is very easy and personally i used this when i don’t have more knowledge about computer and MS Office at that time i use this method for performing this task. in this method when you copy text from anywhere then first you paste it into notepad and then copy it and paste it in word. notepad will make any text in simple/plain text.

In most versions of Windows Ctrl+Windows Key + V also pastes text as plain text.

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How to Remove formatting(font style,color,size etc) in Word from any pasted text ? | Computer tricks

Remove formatting(font style,color,size etc) in Word from any pasted text



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