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How to add image alt text Automatically in WordPress website without plugin

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How to add Image alt text automatically in wordpress website | Installing the Auto Alt Attribute

//add image alt text caption description automatically by uruweb
add_action( 'add_attachment', 'my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload' );
function my_set_image_meta_upon_image_upload( $post_ID ) {

	// Check if uploaded file is an image, else do nothing

	if ( wp_attachment_is_image( $post_ID ) ) {

		$my_image_title = get_post( $post_ID )->post_title;

		// Sanitize the title:  remove hyphens, underscores & extra spaces:
		$my_image_title = preg_replace( '%\s*[_\s]+\s*%', ' ',  $my_image_title );

		// Sanitize the title:  capitalize first letter of every word:
		$my_image_title = ucwords( strtolower( $my_image_title ) );

		// image meta (Title, Caption, Description) to be updated
		$my_image_meta = array(
			'ID'		=> $post_ID,			// Specify the image (ID) to be updated
			'post_title'	=> $my_image_title,		// Set image Title to sanitized title
			'post_excerpt'	=> $my_image_title,		// Set image Caption (Excerpt) to sanitized title
			'post_content'	=> $my_image_title,		// Set image Description (Content) to sanitized title

		// Set the image Alt-Text
		update_post_meta( $post_ID, '_wp_attachment_image_alt', $my_image_title );

		// Set the image meta (e.g. Title, Excerpt, Content)
		wp_update_post( $my_image_meta );


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