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Typing (English+Hindi)

In the contemporary corporate landscape, adeptness in the art of rapid typing stands as an imperative skill. The demands placed upon professionals in the business sphere encompass the creation of an array of documents, including reports, sales missives, business strategies, blog posts, web content, and financial prognostications. Proficiency in typing not only bestows the gift of time but also augments one’s overall efficiency, ultimately amplifying productivity.

Enter the course, “Typing and Keyboarding for Business Professionals,” a self-guided odyssey towards typing mastery. Within its hallowed pages, each lesson is succinct, lucid, and eminently graspable. The meticulously crafted content is complemented by tailor-made typing exercises, further enriching the learning experience.

Course DurationSix Months
Course Fee3000
Career ScopeData Entry Operator, Office Assistant, Stenographer
Tentative Salary12000-18000
Course ModulesEnglish Typing, Hindi Typing

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