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12 Amazing Uses of Microsoft Excel

12 Amazing Uses of Microsoft Excel

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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which means it is used to create grids of text, numbers, and formulas specifying calculations. That is extremely valuable for many businesses, which apply it to record expenditures and income, plan budgets, chart data, and succinctly present fiscal results.

12 Amazing uses of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is used in daily life is to perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information. It is one of the most beneficial and important workplace applications that help to organize the business system and processes of data and information by the use of columns and rows with formulas.

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  1.  Uses of Microsoft Excel in Education

In schools and colleges teachers can use table styles, shapes, charts, data tools, and formulas to teach students in the classrooms. Students also can learn and solve logical-mathematical problems and statistics in excel.

In schools and colleges teachers can educate by creating a table in an Excel sheet. Teachers can highlight more interesting cells in colors, emphasize important values and visualize data using bars and charts.

Uses of Microsoft Excel in Education
Uses of Microsoft Excel in Education

Above the given data visualization example is easy to understand which is created by the use of two excel functions conditional formatting and chart. You can see in the above first picture that the literacy rate of countries is highlighted in red color by the use of conditional formatting.

This formatting is used to decorate, design, visual appealing of data by using data bars, color scales, and icons based on figures. You can see 99% literacy rate cell is filled more than others and 43% cell is filled with less color than others in the given above picture.

  1. Uses of Excel in Career Development

If you learn to excel, you learn the management of daily life. In daily life, there are so many things that need to be calculated just Because we are doing multiple works in our daily routine. Shopping, learning, entertainment, and expenses so many small things need to manage.

Career Development is all about career management. Learning management, work, Time management, and life management, and goal-oriented habits are very important. All these things you can learn in excel.

When you create your college or school expenses report then at the end of the month you can analyze where you’re spending more money. Microsoft excel is most important in our Career Development.

If you’re doing learning or doing online courses then you can use Excel to track knowledge. just like if you learned today about Conditional formatting then create a table with Date, Topic, and Satisfaction level.

This is most beneficial and most important for you because then you can understand your daily learning outcomes and the effects of knowledge on you.

Such kind of learning management is most beneficial and most important for us. Because it happens to us often when we learn something on the internet or on blogs because of different conclusions and we often forget about the main points.

For example, if I telling you to learn Hindi typing then it’s just a piece of suggestion but if I am telling you that learn Hindi Typing by using basic typing lessons then it’s really important for you to note it down and practice.

  1. Analyzing and storing data

The best use of MS Excel is that you can analyze larger amounts of data to discover trends. In Microsoft Excel with the help of graphs and charts, you can summarize the data and store it in an organized way so that whenever you want to see that data then you can easily see it.

It becomes very easy to store data and it will definitely save a lot of time for you.

Once the data is stored in a systematic way in Microsoft Excel, it can be used very easily for multiple purposes. MS Excel makes it very easier to implement multiple operations on the data through various tools that it possesses.

  1. Excel tools make your work easier

In MS-Excel there are so many tools that make your work much easy and also save your time. There are excellent tools in MS-Excel for sorting, filtering, and searching which all the more make your work easy. If you want to combine these tools with tables, swivel tables, etc.

then you able to finish your work in much less time. Various components can be searched quickly from large amounts of data to help solve a lot of difficulties and issues.

  1. Data recovery and spreadsheets

The best use of MS Excel is that if your data gets lost by mistakenly then you can recover it without much difficulty. Just think, there is a teacher who has stored his important data in MS Excel and somehow the file gets damaged then he must not worry as with the new MS Excel XML format one can restore the lost or corrupted file data.

The next important use of MsExcel is that there are spreadsheets in MS Excel which makes your work very simple and with the help of a new Microsoft MS Excel XML format you can decrease the size of the spreadsheet and make things short easily.

  1. Mathematical formulas of MS Excel make things easier

Another best use of MS Excel is that it makes it easy for you to solve complicated mathematical puzzles in a much more simpler way without much manual effort. There are too many formulas in MS Excel. By using these formulas you can implement lots of operations.

Therefore, people use MS Excel whenever they have to solve complicated mathematical puzzles or they need to apply easy mathematical functions on tables including larger data.

  1. Security

The main use of MS Excel is that it provides security for excel files. Because of its security people can keep their files safe. All the files of MS Excel can be kept password-secured through visual basic programming. MS Excel users store their important data in the MS Excel so that they can keep their data in an organized way and save their time.

Most of person wants his files to be password protected so that no one is able to see them or ruin them so here MS Excel solves this problem very efficiently. Security is must important in MS-Excel for users.

  1. Add sophistication to data presentations

The next best use of Microsoft Excel is that it helps you in adding more extra elegance to your data presentations which means that you can improve the data bars, you can highlight any specific items that you want to highlight and make your data much more presentable easily.

Assume you have stored some data in MS Excel and you want to highlight something that is necessary so then you can do that through the various features of data presentations available in MS Excel.

  1. Online access

The next use of MS Excel is that it can be accessed online from anywhere which means you can access it from any device like mobile and from any location. It provides the facility of working conveniently which means if you don’t have laptops and Pc then you can use mobile and do your work very easily without any difficulty.

Due to the large amount of flexibility that MS Excel provides, users like to work on MS Excel so that they can comfortably work without worrying about their device or location.

  1. Keeps data combined at one location

With the use of MS Excel you can keep all your data at one location. MS Excel will help you in saving your data from getting lost. It will keep all your data in one place or folder so you will save your time in searching for the files. Whenever you need to be, you can mark up the categorized and sorted data easily.

  1. Helps businessmen in developing future strategy

If you Want to represent data in the form of charts and graphs so it can help in identifying different trends. Using the MS Excel, trend lines will be extended beyond the graph, and therefore, it helps one in analyzing the trends and designs very easier. In business,

it is most important to analyze the popularity of gains or the business pattern that they follow to maximize sales. It simplifies this task and helps businessmen produce and maximize profits through the same.

  1. Manage expenses

Microsoft Excel also helps in managing expenses. Assume that if a professor is earning around 20,000 per month then he will make some expenses and if Professor wants to know how much he is exactly spending per month then he can do it with the help of MS Excel easily. Man can write his monthly income and expenses in the excel tables and then he can get to know that how much he is spending.

There are too many benefits of using MS Excel. It not only saves time but it also makes the work more peaceful. Microsoft Excel can almost perform every kind of task.

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