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Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar

Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar

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SONAR stands for Sound Navigation And Ranging.

SONAR is used to determine the depth of the sea or to locate underwater hills ,valleys, submarine etc..

Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar
Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar


As like In the sky to know about aeroplan or missile we use a reader same as in the sea to know the distance from the one object to another object we use SONAR technology.

Types of SONAR :

There are two type of SONAR

  1. Active SONAR
  2. Passive SONAR
  1. Active SONAR : In active sonar sound wave is send from one side.And when the wave is reflect after striking the object we can get to know by using transmitter that the objects is located how much distance from us.
  2. Passive SONAR : In passive sonar there is no use of sound wave . without using any sound wave we can get to know where the object is located near us. This technology is use is neavy.

Now a days because of our faster technology with the help of sound wave we can also know the size of the object which is locate near us.

Moreover this technology also used in ultrasonography or sonography.

In sonography with the help of tranceducer by using sound wave in the stomach and when that waves reflectes after striking , a scanner change that waves into electrical signal.

Then this electrical signals send in computer then computer doing some calculation it will shown in the form of image which we can watch in ultra sound.

Working of SONAR :

  1. SONAR uses transmitter and detecter and it is installed in a boat or ship.
  2. The transmitter produces and transmits strong altra sonic waves.
  3. These waves goes through the water and after striking the object and is received by under water detecter.
  4. The detecter converts the ultrasonic waves into electrical signal.
  5. The time interval between transmission and ultrasonic signal is note down.

SONAR method is also called echo ranging.

Application Of SONAR: It is Use for estimation of range.

Military :
  1. To detect , track , and distroye enemy ships and submarrine
  2. To detect and distroye enemy under water mine.
  3. navigate under ice.
  4. Determining navigational locational measuring sound velocity
Civilian :

A ) Maritine

  1. Navigation
  2. Driver communication

b ) Research

  1. Animal location and tracking
  2. Animal

Explain The Working And Application Of A Sonar

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