Top 10 Video Editor Apps for PC in 2020

The best top 10 video editor apps for PC are listed below

  1. Blender
  2. Light Works
  3. Shot cut
  4. DaVinci Resolve
  5. Open Shot
  6. Avidemux
  7. Hit Film Express
  8. Machete Video Editor Lite
  9. iMovie
  10. Video pad

Blender :

  1. Blender is one of the best video editor software,That is available for Windows ,Mac Linux.
  2. It is is an open source that means it is entirely free to use
  3. This editor allows you to do basic action like video cuts and splicing.
  4. This editor is for both beginner and advanced users.
  5. The blender video provide the following features like : Live preview , Audio mixing, speed control , transition , key frames, filters and many more..
  6. To download this blender editor you can click on below official link..

Light Works :

  1. Light Works is another best free video editor software.Which is also available on windows , Mac and Linux.
  2. It is one of the more powerful video editor.
  3. The free version of this software should be more enough for most of the users.
  4. This editor includes features such as High Precision and trimming, Multi cam support.
  5. A wide range of video supported.
  6. To download this Light Works editor you can click on it’s official link..

Shot cut :

  1. Shot cut is also the best video editor apps runs on windows , Mac , Linux.
  2. Like blender it is also an open source.
  3. This means just after downloading you can access all the features of editor without need to paid or upgrade.
  4. This video editor supports wide range of video formats with great collection of video tutorials.
  5. Shot cut video editor mainly designed for Linux.
  6. The most important and striking features of this editor that it support 4K HD resolution and timeline editing.
  7. If you are dealing with the large video files it can be a time saver.
  8. To download this Shot cut editor you can visit it’s official link..

DaVinci Resolve :

  1. This video editor is also available on Windows , Mac ,Linux.
  2. Davinci Resolve is the most advanced video editor.
  3. It has many professional video features and interface intuitive.
  4. Alongside video slicing , trimming and you can also edit audio and correct color.
  5. You can also use this editor to add 2D and 3D titles to your video.
  6. It includes features such as : advanced trimming , multi cam editing , color correction , audio mastering.
  7. To download this Davinci Resolve editor you can click on below official link..

Open Shot :

  1. Open shot also run on FreeBSD, Linux, Haiku, macOS, and Windows.
  2. It is fully open source, that makes this editor one of the best video editor that is accessible.
  3. it provide the simple drag and drop interface to its Mac users.
  4. Open shot provide more features than Imovie Editor such as unlimited layers and audio mixing.
  5. This editor provide real time preview when you create transition between video clips.
  6. Open shot editor includes features like : Unlimited layers , Clip resizing , scaling , zooming , trimming, snapping and rotation of videos and cutting videos and many more.
  7. To download this Open shot editor you can click on below official link..

Avidemux :

  1. Avidemux is one of the best video editor apps as it available on windows, Mac and Linux for beginners because it interface is very simple and easy to use and understand.
  2. It provide the help to do basic task or action like : simple cutting , filtering, and encoding.
  3. If you are a new to use a video editor this makes a best place for you to start and learn.
  4. This is very simple software , there is no need to read or understand and technical documents.
  5. To download this Avidemix editor you can visit it’s official page link.

Hit Film Express :

  1. This video editor is available on windows and Mac.
  2. Hit Film is one of the more and best professional video editors.
  3. It contains all the features that you expect from the basic editor like : splicing , trimming , and audio editting plus much more.
  4. Hit Film is a little advanced, It is the best all round free video editor.
  5. Here before you can download this video editor, you have to share a status update on social media, hence this is a very small price to pay to use such advanced software.
  6. the features included by this editor are such as advanced cutting tools, composite tools, 3D video support , audio and video filters etc…
  7. To download this Hit Film editor you can click on it’s official link..

Machete Video Editor Lite :

  1. Machete Video Editor Lite available on windows.
  2. It is one of the most simple and easy editors and great for quick editing task.
  3. In the free version of this editor, you cannot edit the audio, only you can remove the entire audio tracks.
  4. The free version of this editor supports only AVI and WMV files.
  5. To download this Machete Video Editor Lite editor you can checkout below official link..

iMovie :

  1. This video editor is available on macOS and iOS.
  2. Like most Mac apps this video editor is very intuitive to use.
  3. It provides the features a drag and drop interface.
  4. Mac user can use this video editor as a playground to learning the basic of video editing.
  5. this editor provides features such as Video trimming , split screen , 4K resolution support.
  6. To download this iMovie editor you can find this on Apple App store or you can download from below link..

Video pad :

  1. Video pad available on windows and MacOS.
  2. Is is one of the best video editing tools , that you can use to take first step in the world of multimedia video editing.
  3. It is very simple and easy to use.
  4. This editor include many features like : library of pre – made transition , 3D video editing , sound effect library, reduce camera shakes etc..
  5. To download this Video pad editor you can checkout below official link.
Top 10 Video Editor Apps for PC in 2020

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