Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks

Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks

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Hello friends, I am Rinki Yadav and today I have come up with a new topic called Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks. You can also call this trick hacking tricks.

If you use these tricks in a customized way, then it can also be done for hacking purposes. So, friends, this article is only for an educational purpose. Do not misuse this trick. Let’s know about these tricks…

Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks?

Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks
Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks
  1. Continuously Repeat Message

In this trick, we will create one batch file and whenever any person will execute that batch file then the continuous message will start coming in his / her PC.

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As soon as the prompt message arrives in Windows, in the same way, the messages will start coming. And whatever the Victim Person will be, he will be disturbed by this message. And he will be forced to close his PC.

  • The first thing to do is to open the notepad editor. To perform this, we have to turn off the input coming from the keyboard. To keep our message infinite time running, we have to use the loop, as shown in the below above. After that, the mushroom we want infinite time has to write between the loop.
  • After that, we have to save it from the .bat extension.
  • Now that we have saved that file, go and double-click on it and then it will start running, then it will start running continuously.
  1. Continuously open Notepad
  • Now we have to create a file, after which any user who runs it should have a continual notepad. For Continuous Notepad to open, we have to loop it back. The first is to turn off the keyboard input, then to create a loop to do it loop. Now we have to type start to open notepad and for that, we have to give path. For the path, we will have to disable the system.
  • After that, we have to save it from the .bat extension.
  • Now where we have saved the file, it will go and double click on it, then the Continuous Notepad will open.
  1. Shutdown System with message
  • In this trick, we will create a thing file and when any Victim user clicks on that matter file, he will show a message. Whenever the user clicks on that message, his PC will be shut down. First of all, we have to display a message on the executor, for that we have to show a message. When this message shows, when the OK button is clicked on its prompt dialogue, then the system has to give the command of forcefully Shutdown. For this, we will use the shutdown command and will give a message in it.
  • After that, we have to save it from the .bat extension.
  • Now whenever someone double clicks on this file, this file will be executed, and clicking on a message will cause the system to completely shut down.
  1. Create Unlimited folder in a minute

In this trick, the thing is to create a file and if any Victim user runs the file, then in his PC, the number of folders will be created in no time. If we want to create an Infinite Time folder, that we have to create a loop in Notepad, and that loop will have to run Infinite Time.

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The first is to create a loop and create the under number of folders of the loop. In this, we will use the md command. Here, after using the item command, we will name each folder randomly. Because not every folder can be named the same.

  • After that, we have to save it from the .bat extension.
  • Now any Victim will double-click this file, then that file will be executed and after that, a folder will start to be created in its PC.
  1. Utilize 100% Computer Resources

In this trick, we will create a process that will deplete 100% of the computer’s resources. Which will cause the computer to hang or become irresponsible.

In the text editor, create a loop by turning off the input coming from the keyboard, which will run the infinite time and neutralize 100% of the resources of the computer. In this trick, we will use the start command and then apply% 0% 0 |% 0.

  • Now it has to be saved with the .bat extension.
  • Now anyone double-clicks this file, then this file will be executed and 100% of the resources will be utilized, then the PC will start hanging.

So friend these were some fun tricks but this is also harmful. This article was only for educational purposes.

Hope you like this Dangerous Batch Scripting Tricks article . Please like and share this article.

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