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lucky button in google

What is the I’m feeling lucky button in google and what is use of it?

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Lucky Button in Google – Hello friends, today’s article is going to be very interesting for you. Friends, there are many things that we ignore by looking at them, one of them is the Google Feeling Lucky button of Google search. Let us know about this and what are its benefits, we will also tell you through this article.

There are two buttons below the search box on Google’s home page, one has Google search written in it, while the other one is I’m Feeling Lucky.

Many of you will know about it because it is already there, if you do not know about it, then we will give you information about what is its work and how can we use it?

What is the I’m feeling lucky button in google?

lucky button in google
lucky button in google

When you type in the search box on Google, you get a list of appropriate search results according to the keyword. But if you click on the I’m Feeling Lucky button, you will be taken to the first page of the direct search result. This saves you time to see the list of search results.

If you are lucky, then this first page will be what you need, and therefore this button is known as the ‘Emitting Feeling Lucky‘ button. If you are not lucky or do not find a reliable source for your keyword, you will be redirected to the search results, from where you can choose the best web site for your keyword.

Based on our search query, the first result is usually the most closely approximated. Hence the Feeling Lucky button saves a few extra seconds of viewing the search result list.

Going Feeling Lucky may be appropriate for you if you are confident that your instructions given that you will get exactly the page you want for the word. But if you have to search many sites for this word, then this button is not for you.

If you clicked on the Feeling Lucky button without typing any keyword, it will take you to the Google Doodles Archives page. On this page, you can see available Google Doodles. With this, you will be able to see Doodles displayed at that time in any country.

Write some keywords in the Google search box and click on I’m Feeling Lucky, it will show you the first search result directly related to the search keyword i.e. if you do not want to waste time in more search results then it can be quite useful for you.

I’m Feeling Lucky How much does Google spend each year?

We all know that the main income source of Google is to show ads and promote search results. About 1% of the searches worldwide are done by this button. And when the user goes directly to a web site using the feeling lucky button, it costs Google more than $ 110 million every year.

You can also use YouTube

You can do the same on YouTube, but it is not official. For this, you have to resort to a third-party extension. If you are searching for a video on YouTube and apart from that video, all your other videos are being found, then you can use it.

Download it like this

Open the Google Chrome browser. Then by clicking on this link, you download the Youtube I am feeling Lucky extension. After this, the option of ‘Add to Chrome’ will come. After adding this extension to the Chrome browser, it will appear next to the YouTube link search box from where you can use it.

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